Tips to Saving for a New Home

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Every day and every penny counts. By making small changes now, you can cut back significantly on expenses and surprise yourself with how much money you save.

Make your own coffee. A 2013 Workonimix survey found that the average American spends $21 a week buying coffee. That comes out to over $1,000 per year on coffee.
Pack lunch. The same Workonimix survey found that Americans spend $36.17 per week on lunch, which amounts to over $1,800 per year.
Eat in. On average, a dinner out in the US costs $39.40 according to a 2015 Zagat survey. If you had dinner out 5 days a week, it would end up costing $197 per week and a whopping $10,244 per year.
According to Consumer Reports, you save an average of 25 percent when buying generic label groceries versus brand name groceries, and the difference between most products was indiscernible.
Buy non-perishables in bulk. Consumer Reports also found that buying items like toilet paper, snacks, and cleaners at wholesale clubs were up to 50 percent cheaper than supermarkets.
Cut indulgences. Cut down on any unnecessary expenses such as a cleaning person, regular manicures, expensive haircuts, buying expensive or inessential clothes, alcohol, movies, video games, gym membership, cable TV, and new electronics. You don’t have to forgo indulgences altogether, but limit your spending on them.